Debbi Biggs: The PT Practitioner

Hi, my name is Debbi and I trained to become a personal trainer because I really want to help people become the best version of themselves. I became a PT later in life because I was ready for a career change and wanted to work for myself, but I still wanted to help people and use my caring skills. I found a passion for fitness myself and wanted to spread the fitness joy with my business.

I have a background in nursing and with nearly 20 years working in the health industry, my experience and knowledge of how the body works in health and in illness will be applied to help you achieve your goals. I am also well practiced at collaborating with other allied health professionals so should you have an injury or illness I will be happy to liaise with other professionals to ensure you get a safe and effective rehabilitation plan.  I consider myself a student of strength and I am constantly learning and growing to provide the best possible service. I have a passion for living a healthy balanced lifestyle and want to help others to fall in love with a healthy and fulfilled way of life.

I lost over 25kg and have kept it off because I have learnt the lessons I needed to learn about maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

My Weight Loss Journey

I also have a weight loss story and I feel the experience of losing over 25kg myself will be invaluable in offering an empathetic approach to training.

As a nurse with a busy life I fell into the trap that many of us do, and I spent more time and energy on caring for others and neglected my own health and wellbeing.

As a result, I gained a lot of weight and was unfit and unhealthy, with very little energy. I yo-yo dieted and tried every diet and fitness fad under the sun with limited success. Once I reached my 30’s I decided enough was enough and I made small and sustainable changes to my lifestyle to lose the weight in a manageable way.

I lost over 25kg and have kept it off because I have learnt the lessons I needed to learn about maintaining a balanced lifestyle. I hope to be able to help others make the necessary changes to reach their goals.


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Debbi Biggs: The PT Practitioner

Fitness Passion

The other facet to my successful weight loss is that I developed a passion for fitness. I was never into sports as a youngster and I was very nervous about going to the gym once I started on my weight loss journey but now I love it! I remember being the fat girl at the back of the group circuits class who couldn’t do any of the exercises and I know what that feels like, but I stuck at it and now I really enjoy pushing myself with the next challenge every day. I’m still not a big fan of the commercial gym set up as I prefer a more personalised approach; therefore I train clients in their homes, outside or in an excellent personal training facility, Box 33 Adaptive Strength in Myaree. I hope to inspire you to enjoy feeling fitter, healthier and stronger everyday.

My passion runs deeper than just gym classes and eating right – I want to teach you balance and how to enjoy the journey. I offer a holistic approach to each and every client. I want you to feel that I care about you as a person and I am on hand to offer advice about sleep, nutrition, mental wellbeing and health and fitness. I am a listening ear, a voice of experience and a coach who will push you when you need it. If anything you need falls outside of my scope of practice, I have a host of trusted professionals to recommend.

My own training interests are a real mixture and I enjoy calisthenics, strength and conditioning, ballet, acroyoga, animal flow, powerlifting and I especially love kettlebells. When you find activities you love, then training becomes a joy rather than a chore.

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