Direct Personal Training

1 to 1 Personal Training sessions provide you with the best accountability and my total focus & attention as we work together towards your fitness goals.

During your first few sessions I will do individualised goal setting if appropriate and an assessment of your current lifestyle and needs. I will capture baseline information about your posture, function, measurable fitness and suitable body composition metrics so that we can review your progress against your starting point.  I will teach you basic principles and movements which will enhance your training going forward.

Your personal training sessions can take place at your home, local park (permits permitting) or any other suitable location. I also offer studio based personal training at Box 33 Adaptive Strength. This is a great private facility which offers a safe and friendly training environment with the added bonus of more equipment and a dry, air conditioned studio! It is a small personal training studio which has created a great community but is not open to the public and therefore there are no egos and it is never overcrowded.  I want to show you that it is actually possible to train with very little equipment, because this empowers you to train on your own between PT sessions. However, I will access whatever equipment we require to help you with your goals.

The training you receive in 1 to 1 sessions will be tailored to you but I use systems and styles of training which work to get you results. I place great emphasis on building strength and improving posture and mobility. I believe it is important for any training to be functional and to build and maintain healthy joints and strong bones. If you train with me you will learn the why behind each exercise and you will learn to execute it safely. Training is fun but safety and injury prevention are of utmost importance. I do not believe that anyone requires a personal trainer forever, I intend to empower you to train on your own and to learn how to continue on your health and fitness journey for the rest of your life, long after you finish paying for personal training sessions.

I understand that everyone lives busy lives and I want you to be able to fit training into your schedule, so I will try to be flexible about training times and lengths of sessions. We can discuss what works best for you, your availability & achieving your fitness goals.

If you prefer to train with friends or a partner then see my small group training page.

Your Personal Trainer: Debbi Biggs

Debbi Biggs: Personal Trainer

My mission is to help others feel good about themselves by encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle and motivating them to reach their fitness goals.

I will be using my experience as a health professional and my passion for fitness to help you reach your goals and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

I want all my clients to learn the secrets of success to becoming the best version of themselves.

I care for each and every client – not just your fitness goals or weight loss journey, but you as a whole person. I want you to live your best life!

About Me

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Get to know your personal trainer, you’ll see I’m here to help you reach your fitness goals

About Me

About 1 On 1 Personal Training Sessions

With 1 On 1 Direct Training Sessions, you get a fast track to the results that you want with the very best attention. Between sessions, you might receive things to work on at home in order to help us achieve your goals. I may follow up with a check in email, message or call to ensure you are staying on track and receiving the support you deserve. Occasionally I will send newsletters with links to current research and interesting articles or a spotlight on technique or nutrition etc. (if you prefer not to receive such emails you can opt out, I hate spam too).

If there is anything you are struggling with – be that sleep, nutrition, fitness or just life in general – we can discuss this and find strategies together to help you be your best self. I might not always have all the answers but I’ll do my very best to find them for you!

I am very happy to share nutritional hints and tips with you to reach weight loss goals if appropriate. If you require referral to a dietician for a more structured diet plan then I can link you up with expert dietetic practitioners.

The Benefits of 1 On 1 Training:

  • Direct Attention

  • Indivisualised training routine

  • Achieve your individual fitness goals quicker

  • Train when you want at your time

  • Well-being, nutrition & other support

The PT Practitioner aims to help others feel good about themselves

If you do have a recent injury or a postural issue which causes you trouble then I will happily work with a physiotherapist to ensure you receive a program which gets you results whilst ensuring your safety and progressing your rehabilitation. If you already have a physio then I will be pleased to liaise with them and if you require a referral I have contacts with extremely good physios with lots of experience.

With any injury or if you are wanting to work towards a very specific goal then this might be the best method of training for you as you will get the most focused program and therefore better rehab or faster results.

If you require a video to check your form or remind you of exercises then this can be sent to you. I will send you personalised hints and tips.

I am very happy to share nutritional hints and tips with you to reach weight loss goals if appropriate. If you require referral to a dietician for a more structured diet plan then I can link you up with expert dietetic practitioners.

You can buy sessions on a PAYG basis (pre payment) or you can purchase a block of sessions which will afford you a discount.Sign up for one to one personal training sessions and you will be challenged, you will see results and you will feel better about yourself. I care about you as a person and want you to be your very best self!


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