Small Groups Training

If you want to train with a partner or a friend or with a group of like minded individuals then this is the training for you!

Are you struggling to see your friends but all want to get some fitness activity into your week? Set up a small group PT session followed by a catch up chat and you get to see your friends and achieve your fitness goals.

Small groups can be anything from 2 to 6 people and can be considerably more affordable for those on a tight budget as you share the cost with the other participants. It adds a social aspect to your training and means you still get the benefits of Personal Training but in a cost effective way.

Also, with a maximum of 6 people in a session it allows me to ensure every participant is practising with good form to reduce the risk of injury.

Your Personal Trainer: Debbi Biggs

Debbi Biggs: Personal Trainer

My mission is to help others feel good about themselves by encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle and motivating them to reach their fitness goals.

I will be using my experience as a health professional and my passion for fitness to help you reach your goals and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

I want all my clients to learn the secrets of success to becoming the best version of themselves.

I care for each and every client – not just your fitness goals or weight loss journey, but you as a whole person. I want you to live your best life!

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About Small Group Personal Training Sessions

This type of training still allows me to provide you with lots of attention and an individualised plan but results may be a little slower than with 1 to 1 PT as you are sharing your training time with other people.

My recommendation is that it’s best if the people you train with all have a relatively similar goal to you. For example if you want to lose a little weight this is a common goal and you probably have a friend who would also like to shed a couple of pounds. However, since I use strength and mobility based training methods, most people will benefit from my approach and small differences in goals is something we can easily work with.

If you want to work on a very specific goal then small group training might not be the best option but I can make it work for you if it is how you prefer to train.

Small group training can provide you with accountability as you will want to turn up so as not to let your training buddies down!
Small group PT can be great fun! You can work individually during sessions or you can partner up and motivate each other.

You can choose to train at home, at Box 33 Adaptive Strength or outdoors (weather and permits permitting).

The Benefits of Small Group Training:

  • Share the cost of training with others

  • Brings a social aspect to your training

  • Group training can be great fun!

  • Partners can provide motivation to your sessions

The PT Practitioner encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle

There is lots of scope for fun group activities which don’t even feel like exercising if this suits your group.

If you want to meet new people then why not post on social media for a few local people who would like to train in a small group environment and I will help facilitate group sessions which suit all of your needs.


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